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Reheat Furnaces

Calderys is a trusted supplier to Reheat Furnace manufacturers and operators all over the world, with references from the top global OEMs in the heat treatment field.

赢乐官网With Calderys, you benefit from refractory solutions that are:

  • Adapted to key Reheat technologies such as Walking Hearth, Walking Beam, and Pusher furnaces – any type of treatment furnaces using temperatures up to 1500°C
  • Customised for local needs through regional product ranges, refined through project experience around the globe in Europe, India, Asia, and the US
  • More energy-efficient as we work with our clients to find the best product selection to offer high lining lifetime along with strong insulating properties
  • Optimised to save you from downtime, maximising your production through various quick drying refractory options
  • Service-oriented through Reheat project experience: Going beyond quality products for maintenance & turnkey projects from our teams along with installation partners globally

Discover how our Calderys expertise can help you with your specific Reheat Furnace.

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